Leaks surrounding video games have always been a highly debated topic. Fans have always been divided when it comes to what a leak can do to a video game’s popularity. Some fans will say it damages what the developers have been working for and the game in general while other fans say it only creates hype around the game. Apex Legends has been no stranger to leaks since its launch. The latest Apex Legends leak has revealed its next seven characters.

Full unblurred roster from @Biast12 on twitter from r/ApexUncovered

The legends are as follows:

  • Season 7: Valk
  • Season 8: Blisk
  • Season 9: Ash
  • Season 10: Horizon
  • Season 11: Fuse
  • Season 12: Firebug
  • Season 13: Husaria

Originally posted on Twitter by the data miner Biast12, this character select screen shows all the next legends. One of the biggest leaks, when the game was released, was the full character leak. Now it seems some of those legends have been either completely redone or discarded. Another interesting note to point out is there were two character leaks that were released around Crypto’s debut. The leaked dev sheet was deemed reliable as the legends on the sheet came out all in order.

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Leaked Dev Sheet

Taking a look at the first character leak we see Crypto, Nomad (aka Revenant), Octane, Rampart, Rosie (aka Loba), and Wattson were all added in the game. Going over the leaked dev sheet we have seen some design changes from both leaks but have been pretty true so far. Now with the current storyline with Blisk and Ash, we can be sure to see them sometime soon.

What legends are you looking forward to seeing in Apex Legends?