Season 4 of Apex Legends is just around the corner. Fans of the game are ready for a new season and the new changes that come with every season. Many are hoping that the newest season has teasers much like Season 3 when Crypto debuted. So when can we expect some possible teasers for the upcoming season? Well, thanks to data miner Shrugtal we now have a few dates when Season 4 map teasers are coming to Apex Legends.

Looking at the files we see that one of the very first teases starts on the 21st of January. The other teases will follow on the 23rd and the 28th. Whether or not we will actually get Desertlands will remain to be seen. However, with construction flags popping up all over the map could those indicate where some of the changes may take place?

Photo via iLootGames

Season 4 is just a mere couple weeks away with a start date on February 4th. This will mark the games one year anniversary. With the teasers coming in a matter of days we will get a small glimpse at what Respawn has in store for Apex Legends 4th Season and Worlds Edge.

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