Since the EA Play Event fans have been eagerly awaiting the launch of Apex Legends on Steam. No date was initially released with the announcement other than a Fall 2020 window. Now we can officially confirm that Apex Legends has announced its release on Steam will be set for November 4th. This will be just in time for Apex Legends Season 7.

The original announcement was set for the game to launch on both Steam and the Nintendo Switch. However, the Switch port will not be released as intended. Chad Grenier, the Game Director of Apex Legends, said in order to do the game justice and give players a great experience more time is needed. With COVID-19 it brought some unexpected challenges to porting the game and the studio doesn’t want to rush anything.

Horizon, Firing Range, Season 7 Teaser

Apex Legends – Horizon

As for the Steam launch, there were a few things players were concerned about and the biggest concern was addressed. Will account progression switch over to Steam from Origin? The answer is yes! Everything you have unlocked and your account level will be accessible through both platforms. Not only will this open up more opportunities for new players to try Apex Legends but if you prefer to play on Steam you now have the option to.

Now that we have a date it will be just in time for Season 7 of Apex Legends. This will give new players a first look at the popular battle royale and a chance to see what the hype is about. Will you be playing Apex Legends on Steam when it releases?