Apex Legends Season 6 has been met with mainly positive feedback since its launch a few days ago. Not all fans feel the same way as many have voiced their displeasure with the readdition of the Devotion and Turbocharger back in the normal loot pool. The latest update patch that was released on August 20th has addressed some changes regarding the Devotion and Turbocharger in Apex Legends.

The Devotion is by far one of the most powerful weapons in Apex Legends and has since been placed in the care package as a special weapon. That is until the R-99 took its place this season. Many fans were very displeased with this move and since the new season launched only a few days ago have been calling for changes to the weapon and hop up.

In the first patch since Apex Legends Season 6 launch, some small temporary changes have been made to address the Devotion. Posted on the Apex Legends Trello here are the current changes made to the Devotion and Turbocharger:

  • Reduce Devotion damage [17 -> 16], and increases recoil – these are quick changes we can make now, more adjustments to Devotion that take more time to do will come later.
  • Reduce the number of Devotions and Turbochargers spawned
  • Reduced number of gold helms, gold backpacks, and gold incap shields

The patch also addressed some other fixes regarding a few bugs with Rampart. These were mainly issues with her abilities and legend interactions with her turret. It is also mentioned on the Trello card that tweaks and changes are to be expected in the next coming weeks.