Apex Legends’ latest season has been met with pretty mixed reviews so far. One of the more highly praised changes this season was the permanent addition of Evo Armor. Players would spawn with the Evo Armor already equipped and be able to level up by fighting early. While the Evo Armor was made permanent a few changes were made to it as well that made leveling the body shield fairly easy. That change was reverted as Apex Legends’ latest patch gives an update to Evo Armor.

Jason McCord, a Design Director for Apex Legends, posted an update on why this change was taking place to Evo Armor. When Season 6 launched for Apex Legends the Armor was reduced by 25 HP. This made for players who engaged in fighting early to gain higher level shields quicker. Leveling was also fairly quick and players who didn’t see action early on were greatly outmatched.

Now Evo Armor has been reverted to pre-Season 6 values and will make leveling the shield a little tougher. The Evo Armor wasn’t the only change made this patch as a few minor and major bugs were fixed for some legends as well. You can read over the full patch notes here to see what else was updated.