In late 219 it was announced that Respawn had plans to release Apex Legends and other titles on Steam. While no given date was officially set for the release we knew it would be in 2020. As Season 5 of Apex Legends kicks off a few leaks could hint that the Steam release of Apex Legends could be soon.

Thanks to data miners Biast12 & Shrugtal we get a look at a leaked weapon charm.

The potato charm with the name valve could possibly hint at an exclusive charm for Steam. Another reason this could hint at a Steam release is due to the fact the potato looks like something from Portal. Here is a clip of the potato scene from Portal 2 that Shrugtal posted on Twitter.

Both potatoes seem really similar to one another. This could be a big hint that Apex Legends is set to release on Steam.

Apex Legends and other titles would be the first games to be available on Steam after a 7-year hiatus of EA games not being on Steam. However, they won’t be the first official games on Steam as Star Wars™ Jedi: Fallen Order was added to Steam last year.

Still, no official word about the upcoming Steam release has been mentioned by either EA or Respawn. For the time being all we have to do is wait and see.