Season 2 of Apex Legends is still in full effect with the latest ‘Voidwalker’ event just kicking off on the third of September yet character leaks for the newest season are still in full swing. The latest patch had data miners searching through the game files looking for hints and clues to the newest champions and their abilities. All that mining has paid off it seems as Reddit user Miniguyw found hidden files related to Crypto and his drone device.

Here’s the first look at Crypto’s drone:

Datamined Crypto’s drone! from r/apexlegends

It was explained earlier by That1MiningGuy that Crypto would be using an Aerial Drone as part of his tactical abilities and his ultimate would use an EMP blast to shut down other characters’ electronic devices. Previous leaks have also shown that the drone will last for 40 seconds with a 200-meter range, it can hack doors and loot bins, pick up fallen teammates banners making it easier to revive them and of course give a bird’s eye view to the player. The drone can also be destroyed by enemy teams which may be the only downside as of now to the ability of the drone.

Season 3 is still on the horizon with no official release date for either the newest season or the newest characters, Blisk and Crypto, we’ve been hearing so much about yet leaks may be confirming their debut to King’s Canyon soon.