For many, the 4th of July is just like any other weekend. While it may be a special holiday for Americans it was for sure an interesting one for Apex Legends. Many reports and tweets flooded the internet with news of Apex Legends being bugged and possibly hacked. The game’s devs kept fans updated on Twitter, and it was announced that Apex Legends was playable again after the hack.

Many players took to social media to announce the game was not allowing them to get into a game. The playlists were all bugged and a website displayed as There was a small note in-game saying they weren’t associated with the actual site and the site itself also came forward saying it wasn’t involved.

apex legends hack reddit post

Image via Reddit – u/Burger-Goblin

The devs got to work right away and posted updates as needed to keep fans informed regarding a fix to Apex Legends. In the early morning on July 5th, it was announced matchmaking was now restored to Apex Legends. The game seems to be running smoothly and the devs will still be looking out for anything that might mess with it again.

Plenty of fans showed their displeasure for the attack on Apex Legends. The devs did an incredible job at resolving the issue and keep fans informed. No further information regarding the hack has been released other than an attempt to save Titanfall. If any more news about the hack comes forward we will keep you informed.

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