Season 5 of Apex Legends has to be a fan favorite and a huge success. The stories that Respawn has brought to the game are outstanding. This left many to wonder what is next for Apex Legends and specifically Worlds Edge. Well, today it seems we may have gotten our answer. It looks like new construction sites on Worlds Edge have popped up which means Hammond isn’t done yet.

Thanks to a post on the ApexLore on Reddit, FrozenFroh has given us a look at a map where the two new construction sites have gone up.

Hammond is working on new locations again from r/ApexLore

Taking a look at the map Drill Site and the house near the Dome have Hammond construction sites. Drill Site used to be a popular drop when Worlds Edge first debuted and the Dome rarely sees much action. What Hammond has planned for these two sites is unsure. Plenty of fans thought Worlds Edge was done for after the end of the Broken Ghost when it was hinted that we might be heading to Olympus next. However, it seems Respawn and Hammond have something else in mind for the Apex Games.

There are many questions as to what Hammond could be building in Worlds Edge and why so late? Is there something we don’t know about still left on Worlds Edge? Time will only tell and the wait to see what Hammond is planning is very intriguing.