It’s been a bit since the last collection event in Apex Legends. There have been a few small prized events taking place for doing missions in Arenas. Now fans are super hyped for the upcoming Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event because two original maps are returning. Both the original versions of Worlds Edge and Kings Canyon will be making their return to the Apex Games.

The Genesis Collection Event kicks off on June 29th and will run to July 13th. During this event, both Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge will be in their original forms. That means Skull Town will be making its return to Kings Canyon as will the moving train on Worlds Edge. There will also be a new Heirloom which will be for Revenant. There are also some exclusive event cosmetics you can gain by earn points from missions.

Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event Prize Tracker

Apex Legends Genesis Prize Tracker

Kings Canyon will also be added to the Arenas map rotation. Not to mention there is some big Quality of Life and game changes. Updates to weapon balances, legends, Arenas prices, and more will be taking place. You can read the full update list here. Now, how excited are you to hot drop back into Skull Town and the moving train?