Stories from the Outlands is a great series that adds to the lore of Apex Legends. It dives deep into origin stories and extends on other stories we have caught a glimpse of. The latest Stories from the Outlands dives more into Pathfinder’s story. We have more questions since Apex Legends debuted Fight Night and the importance of Pathfinder.

In Fight Night we see Pathfinder waiting tables in the world of Malta. An ex-cop now turned security guard is watching over Pathfinder in hopes of catching Caustic. A gunshot goes off in the restaurant which causes the ex Lt. Maldera to try and help Pathfinder after it was revealed Caustic is alive. Through the events, we also get to see a doctor with that last name starting with P. This could be hinting that the Dr. who created Pathfinder might be related to Wattson with her last name being Paquette. There are already theories this might be Wattson’s mother or grandmother.

wattson, pathfinder

Wattson & Pathfinder

There are quite a few references to Titanfall events and other events during Pathfinder’s memory scan. These could be massive clues as to who Pathfinder could be. There are a few theories that Pathfinder could possibly be Horizon’s son or another Titanfall character. For now, we just have to wait and see the big reveal but at least we now know who his creator might be.