The word change can mean a broad variety of things. Things in a game can change for the better or worse. Since Warzone, Call of Duty’s newest battle royale has dropped, players of Apex Legends are calling for changes to the game. When Warzone was released it brought notice to a few things Apex Legends fans have been asking for. A massive player amount on a steady server, cross-platform, and balance. It’s no secret that Warzone is a hit but will the hype die down? A few players from Apex Legends have voiced their opinions on what Respawn could change to keep Apex relevant.

In a well thought out post, Redditor Khronikos explained what Respawn could do to start implementing some changes.

It’s time to balance legends and add rotating solos/duos. from r/apexlegends

Solos & Duos is something fans have been asking for since the launch of the game. We understand that sometimes adding game features can take a while. However, looking at Warzone it only took them a little over a week to implement solos to their game since its launch.

Pros of Apex Legends have also been calling for changes for a while as well. Some changes have come like the last major patch that focused on inventory but was implemented at the wrong time. This change came right before a Major, before it being cancelled, and messes with the pros training. NiceWigg of CLG’s roster had some input of his own.

Again we understand changes can take time in game development. Respawn does an amazing job of taking feedback from its community and implementing it into future patches. We know the devs have a massive storyline and future planned with Apex Legends and we just have to trust them.

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