New seasons of Apex Legends are always fun in the beginning. New map changes, a new legend, and a new weapon are always a plus to look forward to. To other players just seeing the new exploits and bugs with these new changes and features are what some look forward to the most. As showcased on the Apex Legends Reddit there is a way to get into the secret vaults. This new exploit allows Rampart to get into the vault without using a key and a little help.

In-And-Out Vault No Key from r/apexlegends

From the clip, you can see Rampart place down Sheila close to the vault door. Next, you need Revenant to place down his totem and then Rampart to place down her shield. You then climb onto the turret facing your back to the door, dismount the turret, and boom you’re in the vault! While Rampart most likely could get inside the vault on her own the Death Totem allows the player to get out.

There is one major thing to note if you attempt this exploit with this duo. Make sure you have a thermite on hand to escape. Otherwise, you might just be stuck in the vault until the ring comes or a key is found.