Loba Andrade, or Loba, was first introduced to us alongside Revenant in his debut trailer in prepartion for Apex Legends season 4. She saw her parents murdered by the simulacrum and has since had revenge on her mind. Revenge seems to be a pretty common theme among quite a few of the legends. As Apex Legends Season 5 approaches lets take a look at everything we know about Loba so far and some theories.

Loba, Revenant

Screenshot via Apex Legends

From her debut trailer, we learned a lot about Loba after her parents’ deaths. She became a skilled thief just like her parents before her. Touching on the subject of revenge again we know her main objective is to avenge her parents’ death.

During the trailer, we saw Loba being a thief, stealing from her foster parents, stealing a mask, and a necklace. The mask is especially interesting since it looks very much like Ash from Titanfall. This would be the second time seeing the character. We also know she is going to be able to phase like Wraith but in what way? From previous data mines and the trailer, it looks like she broke into Hammond for the technology.

This phasing technology would allow her to become an even better thief. She also made a friend that would help her. This friend also was able to track down Revenant thus bringing Loba over to the Apex Games. In the screenshot, we see quite a few things.

In the top left, we see a facility that had been broken into that was posted on Apex Legends social media. In the bottom left we see Factory 32. Now there are quite a few theories on this one. The first theory is this is where Revenant’s human organs are being stored. This would also explain why the right of the screen is a similar-looking facility and a DNA strand.

The other theory is where the in-game teasers for Loba have been leading us. Spread over the last few weeks we have had a few devices that give us small images. When putting them together they reveal a facility which could be Facility 32.

Courtesy of Reddit u/mrcthw

Could the original Singh Labs on Kings Canyon indicate we are planning a trip back to the first map with a twist? Or is this massive facility on Worlds Edge? These teasers had many fans guessing but Loba’s latest teaser in Kings Canyon may tell us otherwise. Thanks to iLootGames we were able to see another amazing teaser.

So what exactly are all those MRVNs doing there? When we get to the facility is it a tease to how Loba’s phasing will work differently from Wraith’s? Are we coming back to Kings Canyon for Season 5? There are still so many questions to be asked but with the Season 5 trailer on the way, many questions will hopefully be answered.

Now, all we do is wait until Season 5 kicks off.

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