The Broken Ghost storyline has hands down been one of the best we’ve seen in Apex so far. Fans were more than hyped to see a favorite Titanfall character make her return. Now there were plenty of theories as to why Ash is back. However, seeing the new Apex Legends ‘Escape’ trailer it’s safe to say her viciousness leaves no one safe.

We start off with legends taking a vacation on an island escape. What could go wrong on a beautiful beach you know other than Fuse without a shirt? Things go from quiet to deadly once the prowler is on top of Mirage. After being saved by Bangalore, Mirage witnesses firsthand how deadly Ash is. We get some great shots of the island as we watch their journey across a bridge and into an abandoned ship. Now if we have to face those spiders in the actual map you can be sure everyone might want a flamethrower or just burn down the island in general.

Apex Legends 'Escape' Trailer - Ash Meets Revenant

Apex Legends ‘Escape’ – Ash Meets Revenant

We got to see Ash in action during the Escape trailer. We can only assume right now her sword is going to be an heirloom but it would be a really cool one. She phases much like Wraith so will that be part of her abilities? We will be finding out more once the gameplay trailer drops on Oct 25th. Apex Legends ‘Escape’ will also be launching on Nov. 2nd.