Over the past few weeks on both videos and Twitter fans have been teased with the new Apex Legends map. We’ve gotten video logs on Apex Twitter showcasing the island. During the Escape Launch Trailer, we got to see a lot more of the new island. Now during the new Apex Legends ‘Escape’ gameplay trailer fans got a look at the new map Storm Point.

The newest map Storm Point is located in the oceans of Gaea. During the launch trailer, we saw prowlers on the island along with some terrifying spiders. Ash is also on the island and we’ve seen how malicious she can be. One of the biggest things we noticed is it seems there is way more landscape than buildings on the island. Both on the map and in the trailer we also get to see a crashed ship that will most likely be a hotspot on the map.

Apex Legends 'Escape' Map Storm Point - Ash

Apex Legends – Storm Point

In addition, the new battle pass was announced along with a new weapon. For a couple of seasons now it as rumored the C.A.R SMG was going to be added to Apex Legends but seemed to be replaced by a few other weapons. Now with the new season of Apex Legends, we are finally getting the SMG and it will be a heavy weapon. The newest season of Apex Legends kicks off on November 2nd. Are you ready for Apex Legends Escape? The article was helped by a service author Online Klausur schreiben lassen.