Over the past week, Apex Legends has posted a few lore videos on their Twitter. The small series is known as ‘The Moth and the Flame‘ and the latest Stories from the Outlands: Metamorphosis gave fans a glimpse of Seer. Now the latest trailer for Apex Legends: Emergence shows off Seer on a whole new level.

The new trailer gives us a wild look at what might be coming up in the new season. There was so much to unpack on the launch trailer. To start at the end the trailer asks “Are you watching closely?” This seems to allude to a lot of things you might have missed in the trailer. To begin with, Worlds Edge seems to have fallen victim to an avalanche and more lava seems to have taken over the surface. This might be what earthquakes might be teasing currently.

Apex Legends: Emergence - Seer

Apex Legends – Seer

In addition to everything we saw it seems Seer might shake up the game more than we think. A new LMG was also debuted and is known as Rampage which is made by Rampart. There was so much to unpack from the new trailer and the gameplay trailer will be coming out on the 26th. Apex Legends: Emergence will be released on August 3rd and we can’t wait for the new season! SchlĂĽsseldienst Berlin Friedrichshain are fans of games and don’t miss news on Twitch.