Out of the hundreds of games you have played how many times have you lost because a random shot at a team they shouldn’t have? One of the worst things that happens in Apex Legends is losing a team fight you didn’t want to engage within the first place. There are plenty of times we tell those randoms not to engage but they still do, blame the team they’re on and disconnect after being knocked. What if Apex Legends had a ‘Don’t Shoot’ ping command?

Concept idea for ‘Don’t Shoot’ ping from r/apexlegends

Thanks to Reddit user deadend1755 we get a glimpse at what that ping could look like. There are plenty of players who don’t use vocal communications but use the ping system. There are many times where no one in the game talks but utilizes pings. Everything is going good until that one faulty player where a player engages when they shouldn’t have. Whether it’s to reset gear & health or you have the better positioning on a rotating team there are some situations you don’t want to engage in. This concept of adding a ‘Don’t Shoot’ ping would be great for tight situations.

Sometimes your team just can’t afford to get into another fight or even start a fight. Sometimes you have that one trigger happy teammate who can’t help but give away your position. We have all been there and it sucks but adding this in Apex Legends could possibly make teamwork better.

Respawn is very much engaged in the Apex Legends Reddit and the community could make this a possible feature in the game. The ‘Don’t Shoot’ ping command is something the game could definitely use especially in ranked. For now though we just have to live with that one random who goes in on everything.