The launch of Apex Legends third season Meltdown has had more than it’s fair shares of bugs and exploits. Plenty of players have voiced their opinion on the charge rifle as well as death box looting, and it seems Respawn has plans for making some changes in the near future. During the latest Devstream, we saw game directors and lead designers talk about patches for some bugs/exploits and changes coming to the charge rifle. Also on the Respawn Trello board, we are getting looting changes coming to the death box UI soon as well.

Looting Changes

Image via Trello

One feature that is coming in a future patch is allowing players to keep the death box UI open upon taking damage. As of now when a player is looting the death box, and the player takes damage the screen closes. Many players have asked for an option to toggle it between keeping it open when taking damage to loot for necessary items they may need to fight.


Charge Rifle

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The next change coming in a future patch is to the Charge Rifle. It may not be getting a nerf that many players wanted but plenty of players have also mentioned the Charge Rifle isn’t as OP as players make it out to be. During the Devstream it was made known that the Charge Rifle would be getting balanced with these changes:

  • Increasing Mag Size
  • Increasing Ammo Used per Shot
  • Balancing Fall Off Damage

It may not seem like the change many players want but it may also be a change needed to keep players from wanting to use the Charge Rifle. The balancing changes being made make it more like the select-fire Havoc and could be what the Charge Rifle needed.


Patches – Bugs/Exploits

Another talking point of the Devstream was fixing potential “bugs and/or exploits” from the game. Some of these being potential game-breaking features such as Gibraltar’s dome shield being added on Crypto’s drone and flown around or Pathfinder grappling to Crypto’s drone and being flown around. While many of these don’t seem to be massive issues at the moment the devs stating players using them in alternative ways such as flying shields or such could make the game unenjoyable for others.

You can take a look at the full Devstream here for the developers’ input into the changes we discussed.