Apex Legends is currently one of the biggest games on the market right now. From their gameplay to the expansive lore the game keeps its fans coming back for more. During an interview with GamesRadar, two devs at Respawn have confirmed that content up to Season 12 is currently being tested.

Jason McCord and Chad Grenier confirmed that at least half a dozen new legends will be debuting by the time Season 12 comes around. With these next seasons already being worked on, the pair did say to expect a few map changes but “can’t really talk about those details just yet”.

loba season 5 trailer

Loba Season 5

A few other details the devs were able to reveal was a possible new map was on the way for one of the upcoming seasons and they have been playtesting content every day. The content for these upcoming seasons has really been shown through the current Broken Ghost quest with a possible new character on the way. We are of course referring to Ash but whether or not she’ll be a playable character or purely story-driven character is currently unknown.

We can be assured that the content Respawn is currently working on for these upcoming seasons will take the game into new and exciting directions. We are only starting to see the beginning of stories for some characters and with more content being produced for Season 12 in 2022 we can only imagine what Respawn has in store for its players.