Crossplay is a highly debated topic in the gaming community. This is especially true when it comes to console and PC players. Many players dislike the thought of crossplay and usually, the reasons are negative. When Respawn announced that the popular battle royale Apex Legends was to enable crossplay this fall this had plenty of mixed reactions from its fanbase. During a TikTok video, a software engineer at Respawn has now confirmed that Apex Legends crossplay will not pair PC and console players.

Jake Smullin, a software engineer at Respawn, took to TikTok to address the concerns many players had regarding crossplay in Apex Legends. Many players feared PC players would “dominate” crossplay lobbies. So console-based players will never be matched with PC players. However, he did specify that if you have a PC player in your lobby it will be open to PC crossplay.

This is good news for fans of Apex Legends on console who do not wish to fight PC players. So now we understand that crossplay for PC will mostly only be between Steam and Origin. Whereas Playstation, Xbox, and the Switch will be cross-play enabled. Unless you have a PC player in a console lobby as stated previously.

It was also stated that crossplay for Apex Legends will be huge for the future of the game. While there are plenty of pros and cons for crossplay this is the first step for it in Apex Legends.