There are quite a few legends in Apex Legends whose ultimates are handy in certain situations. Think of early game Lifeline and her care package or Wattson and her Pylon in any fight. Most of the time these legends are the ones you want to give Ultimate Accelerants to. Many players would agree that using a UA can be very annoying since there isn’t a faster way to use them like heals. A Redditor has come up with a great concept that could change how players use Ultimate Accelerants.

Just a concept (no I am no photoshop master) but I always find it annoying having to go into my inventory in order to use UAs. They are not on the healing wheel. So why not just add them in-place of the ultimate use. That way when your ultimate is on cool down you can use them with ease. from r/apexlegends

A Reddit user by the name of Scumbag-Breeze posted the concept on the r/apexlegends. The concept would allow you to use the UA when your ultimate is on cooldown by simply pressing your ult. This would automatically start using the ultimate accelerant instead of opening up your inventory and manually activating it. For many players this is a nuisance especially when your have more than one ultimate accelerant in your inventory.

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Ultimate Accelerant

This concept would be more beneficial to players who love to use ultimate accelerants to have their ult handy. Even more so early game when sometimes all you can find is a UA just to clear up some inventory space. Do you think the devs at Respawn should take this concept into consideration for Apex Legends?