Last season Apex Legends fans saw the debut of Community Created. These were in-game loading screens that were created by community commissioned artists. Now it was just announced on the official Apex Legends Twitter that Community Created is returning in its latest season Emergence.

Much like in the past you can obtain these loading screens by simply watching Twitch streams. All you have to do is watch for a combined hour and you unlock the new Seer loading screen. This collaboration between Apex Legends and community artists has been fantastic and shows off the talent of the community in a massively special way. Not to mention this also highlights a lot of great content creators that get to showcase their skills in the popular battle royale. Schlüsseldienst Berlin are fans of games and don’t miss news on Twitch.

Remember you have until August 24th to get this drop from Twitch. Maybe you might find your next favorite streamer or artist from this.

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