Apex Legends’ latest Halloween event has been a success. The event itself has only been live for less than a few days yet fans love the new limited-time mode and skins. This is Apex Legends’ first holiday-themed event, and the question is “what’s next”? A data miner by the name of Shrugtal may have the answer to that question. He may have pieced together Apex Legends’ next events and legends coming to the game.

Many games like League of Legends and Overwatch have big holiday events and it looks like Apex is following in that. Halloween is a great time to see your favorite characters in costume but plenty of players look forward to Christmas, New Year and Valentines Day. This is Apex’s first-holiday event and with it going over with the fans it may ignite the fire for more holiday-inspired events to follow. The data miner went on Twitter to show what Respawn could be planning for the winter and the new year as well as some upcoming legends.

Season 3 of Apex Legends has more than a hundred days left till it’s over and that is plenty of time to get a few new events in. Looking at this roadmap we see that a Mirage takeover could most likely be the next event to come followed by a winter/Christmas event. After that, we could potentially see a Valentine’s themed event. Now, these have been found in the code but remember these can always change at any given time. It is very likely though Respawn would capitalize on more holiday events.

Let’s take a look at the next legends joining the Apex Games. We have known for a while Revenant was potentially next in line to join the game and with this current event, we get a good tease of what he brings to Apex Legends. We know Crypto was heavily teased before joining Apex Legends and maybe this is how we will see the introduction of new legends from now on. Also from a photo we saw previously it looks like Loba and Rampart are also next in line. If this is the case we could see up to four legends join the Apex Games in Season 3.

Remember these can change at any time in game development but it still gets us excited. However, if there are more holiday events coming soon we can only wait and see what Caustic looks like in a winter getup.