The latest patch that brings a newer leveling system to Apex Legends has gone live. Players now get the chance to level up their accounts to level 500 with new rewards. For data miners, however, this is the perfect chance to look at the game files for something new. Thanks to data miner That1MiningGuy we now get a look into the leaked upcoming Christmas event.

This event will host a special LTM game mode, 24 new cosmetics and the next heirloom which will be Pathfinder’s heirloom. The newest LTM will be known as Capture the Winter Express. You can read more about the event from our previous article here. A few new details did come out regarding the new LTM.

One thing we have touched on is the next heirloom set coming to Apex Legends. A pair of boxing gloves were added to the game a few patches back which led many to believe they were for Pathfinder. It is now confirmed that they will be part of the Christmas cosmetics just like Lifeline’s heirloom in the last event.

There are a few more things that were leaked for the upcoming Christmas event so let us take a look at them.

While more information still could come before the event this is surely a good amount with previous leaks included. The Christmas event is looking up to be great especially for players who love collecting in-game items such as holiday-themed cosmetics. All we could hope for now is for Rosie the monster in a giant Santa hat.