The collection events in Apex Legends are going back to back with their newest event. On March 9th the Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection event kicked off and will be going till the 23rd. Caustic takes front and center in the latest town takeover. Apex Legends also has officially been released for the Nintendo Switch so let’s go ahead and take a look at what’s in store for the event.

To start off Caustic is taking over the Water Treatment site on Kings Canyon for his own. The new area is now known as the Caustic Treatment where four gold weapons spawn with a twist. To get to the weapons you must drain the gas that holds the weapons.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event - Caustic Treatment

Caustic Treatment Town Takeover

With the new event, there is also a new item that stops you from taking damage in the ring. Known as the Heat Shield you get two charges to protect yourself from the new Ring Flares and from the ring. You also can pick others up from loot boxes to replenish yours. This is a new slot called the Survival Slot where you can use either the Heat Shield or replace it with the Mobile Respawn Beacon.

Players now also have the chance to fill teammates or run solo in either trios or duos. This has many advantages to playing the game how you like. Along with the Collection Event, there is a new heirloom this time for Bangalore. Wielding her Pilot’s Knife you can get this heirloom after gathering all event skins.

Speaking of exclusive items there is a chance to get items from completing daily missions. The Daily Tracker will grant points for missions done and award players with a few exclusive items.

Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection Event - Tracker

Chaos Theory Collection Tracker

There are quite a few legend updates as well that buffed and nerfed weapons & legends. You can take a look at all the updates on the official announcement. How are you liking the Apex Legends Chaos Theory Collection event so far?