One, two Caustic’s coming for you. Three, four Revenants at your door. Yes, that is right it’s that time of year again where Apex Legends celebrates Halloween! From the beginning, Apex Legends has celebrated many holidays including the spookiest of them all. This year’s Apex Legends Halloween event is known as the ‘Monsters Within‘ Event.

Kicking off on Oct. 12th the Apex Legends Monsters Within Event has a fan-favorite mode returning along with new cosmetics. Starting off the Shadow Royale LTM will be returning where legends drop into the games and once you die you are revived as a Shadow. This is definitely one of the community’s favorite game modes that returns for this scary time of year. A new Arenas map known as Encore will also be making its debut. This map is based on Seer’s home planet of Boreas.

Apex Legends Monsters Within - Encore Arenas Map

Apex Legends – Arenas Map: Encore

Now for one of the biggest reasons everyone loves the Halloween event is for the cosmetics. This year there will be 40 new items for the Monsters Within event. There will be special event packs and a Prize Tracker to get free items. We got to see some of the great skins in the trailer such as the Revenant skin and the Dia De Los Muertos-based skin for Octane. There will be a Dia De Los Muertos sale that will be from Oct. 26th – Nov. 1st.

Apex Legends Monsters Within Event Prize Tracker

Apex Legends ‘Monsters Within’ Event Prize Tracker

Are you ready to get your fright on with the Apex Legends ‘Monsters Within’ Event this October?
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