Duos’ limited-time mode is already a hit in Apex Legends. Players have been asking for this game mode along with solos for a while. This patch brought some interesting changes to the game but data miners may have found more. One data miner had mapped out all the potential takeovers and LTMs coming to Apex Legends. Well, it seems That1MiningGuy found the next two Limited Time Modes coming to Apex Legends.

In a few recent Twitter posts, That1MiningGuy revealed two LTMs by the names of ‘Capture the Train‘ and ‘Musical Chairs‘.

Capture the Train honestly sounds like a mini-game everyone plays on Worlds Edge. Players already flock to the train and try their best to get the gear on it. Respawn capitalizing on the popularity of this makes for a great game mode and reminds us of Capture the Point. Now the real question is how many teams would be allowed in this LTM? It would be very chaotic if 30 squads try to play Capture the Train but who doesn’t like a little chaos?

It is very safe to say this game mode is rather interesting. Players finding a banana for your team only to protect it doesn’t sound like Musical Chairs. Maybe the game will ripen with time but for now we’ll just have to see how the game is split. All jokes aside we can’t wait to see what lines they peeled for Mirage. If there is one thing to say about it is that Gwen Stefani was right and this LTM will be bananas.

Which Limited-Time Mode are you most excited about coming to Apex Legends?