Season 5 of Apex Legends brought many questions to the community. What are Loba’s true intentions, who is the next legend, and what are these bunkers in Kings Canyon? The bunkers have seemed to lost a little bit of interest after the first few weeks of the season with a small video showing what is inside them. Unfortunately, that video is no longer available. However, that has seemingly changed as the bunkers are now on a cooldown timer.

According to data miner Biast12, one of the bunkers that should have opened today is now actually set on a cooldown timer.

What these bunkers contain is a mystery though. It could be connected to the underground facility that Loba destroyed looking for Revenant’s head. It could also be an extension of Singh Labs since there is rubble at one of the entrances. We can be sure though that this will only expand the story for so many legends. We know Wraith and Loba are linked to this facility for different purposes possibly even Crypt (check out what we know about Crypto takover here)

Now we play the waiting game and see what Respawn has in store for us when those bunkers are opened.

Apex Legends News: Is Crypto Set for a Town Takeover?