There are few and rare skins in Apex Legends that were said to only be available for a small time. You had to play the game during a specific event to even get these skins. Respawn did mention that these rare items in-game could pop up at any time. Luckily for fans who were not able to get their hands on one of the rarest Wraith skins now have their chance. The Wraith Voidwalker skin along with a few other fan favorites are back in the store for a limited time.

If you are a Wraith main or a collector of skins now is your chance to get the Voidwalker skin. Respawn is offering a chance to grab six different bundles for a limited time. These include fan-favorite bundles such as:

  • Holy Grail Bundle
  • Lucky Cat Bundle
  • Treasure Trove Bundle
  • Phase Shift Bundle
  • Dressed to Kill Bundle
  • Voidwalker Bundle

While many fans are upset that this one time skin is making a comeback others are very happy that they get a chance to grab the skin again. This is a perfect time to add the Voidwalker skin to your collection. There is no telling if the skin will ever make a comeback after this.