Apex Legends is known to hype up its upcoming legends with a series known as Stories from the Outlands. Fans get a look back at the new Legends past or a story that teases the arrival of the character. A few seasons back fans were treated with the return of a Titanfall favorite, Ash. Now the latest Stories from the Outlands: Ashes to Ash gives us a new look at Ash.

Many hardcore fans would recognize Ash from the Titanfall series. A few seasons back we were treated to an in-game quest known as the Broken Ghost. This quest allowed fans to gather parts and reassemble to the head of Ash. Many fans had theories and questions as to how Ash would play into the Apex Legends storyline. We saw that in a past life Ash or known as Dr. Ashleigh Reid was an apprentice to Dr. Mary Somers aka Horizon. In the new lore video, we see how Ash was turned from human to simulacrum after being stabbed.

Apex Legends - Ash

Apex Legends – Ash

Now after reassembling Ash at the end of the video we see how the consciousness from her past life is looking to break free from the simulacrum much like we saw in Revenant’s lore. Horizon was there helping put Ash back together and it seems she helped bring back a lot of information regarding her human life and what she went through during Titanfall. It will be interesting to see where this storyline will take Ash and the rest of the legends. The official next season trailer will be released on Oct. 21st. The article was helped by the service author Seminararbeit schreiben lassen.