Season 8 of Apex Legends is soon coming to a close. Apex is no stranger to introducing some wildly interesting game modes into the battle royale. Today it was announced Apex Legends will be hosting a new event known as ‘War Games‘. For all the wrestling fans in Apex can you hear William Regal dramatically announcing War Games?

Kicking off on April 13th Apex Legends War Games will feature 5 takeover game modes.  The event will also feature a tracker for a chance to earn free cosmetics. Six legends will also be receiving reimagined skins for the War Games event. Here is a list of all the modes coming to War Games:

  • Second Chance – Players are granted one free respawn per match.
  • Ultra Zones – Much like Flash Points LTM a new zone with better loot along with replenishing health and shields.
  • Auto Banners – As the name suggests once a legend dies the banner will automatically be retrieved so you don’t have to loot the death box.
  • Killing Time –  When a legend dies the timer for the round is reduced.
  • Armor Regen  – Armor will regen 12 points per second. Damage taken will delay regen by 8 seconds. If armor is cracked it’ll take 16 seconds for armor to regen. There are also no shield cells in this game mode.
Apex Legends War Games Event Prize Tracker

Apex Legends War Games Prize Tracker

What game mode are you most excited for in Apex Legends War Games?