There are plenty of games with special editions that appeal to a collector’s heart. Apex Legends is one of those few games that have special editions of their games with exclusive items. First, the hard copy/exclusive editions of Apex Legends started with Lifeline and Bloodhound but has since expanded. The latest entry in the Legends Edition is the Apex Legends Gibraltar Edition.

The Apex Legends Gibraltar Edition gives players four exclusive in-game items along with 1,000 Apex Coins. Here are the four exclusive items you will be receiving:

  • Legendary “King of the Sea” Gibraltar skin
  • Legendary “Terror of the Deep” Devotion skin
  • Exclusive “Making Waves” Badge
  • Exclusive “Lone Shark” Gun Charm

Taking inspiration from Gibraltar’s Polynesian background the latest edition gives us sea-themed cosmetics. The Gibraltar Edition will be available digitally on PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam/Origin for PC. It will be $19.99 and is already available for purchase.