Apex Legends Season 7 is almost coming to a close. With the season’s end usually comes a few in-game teasers for the upcoming champion. A random ship popped up during the Pathfinder event with the words ‘Salvo Joining Syndicate‘. Then another teaser during some of the final rings had explosives blowing up. Now with the recent Stories from the Outlands Apex Legends introduces us to Fuse.

During the lore video, we get to see Fuse grow up with his companion. Fighting over a golden grenade and taking it when each one of them proves they are better than the other. After a while, you can see the jealousy sets in against Fuse, and after revealing he’s joining the Apex Games after Salvo joins the Syndicate emotions run wild. The grenade is intentionally set off and Fuse loses his arm. He still manages to get up and walk away.

Apex Legend Fuse Season 8 Mayhem

Apex Legends – Fuse

During the 4th and 5th rings, the last few days bombs started falling from the sky. This latest in-game teaser could be showing off Fuse’s ultimate ability. Currently, there are no other abilities or details that have been released regarding Fuse and his abilities. While fans thought they knew who the newest champion could’ve been they have been bamboozled. Now there are so many questions that need answers and quite a few theories popping up. Are you ready for Fuse and Apex Legends Season 8: Mayhem?