Apex Legends has had an amazing run with their seasonal events. Their winter Holo-Day Bash was a huge success along with the Winter Express LTM. The last seasonal event for Halloween returned and Apex has announced their Holo-Day Bash will return for winter 2020. The Holo-Day Bash 2020 will be set to kick off on December 1st.

In the announcement video, Apex Legends shows off some new skins coming along with the Holo-Day Bash. There will be an Event Prize Tracker that will give free skins for completing missions. Along with that, there will be a chance to grab skins in the store from last year’s winter event. This Holo-Day Bash will also last for more than an entire month. The event will take place from December 1st until January 4th.

Winter Express, LTM, Holo-Day Bash

Winter Express LTM

A new stop for the Winter Express LTM has been added in. Apex had this to talk about the new location in the Winter Express LTM: “Derailment is the scene of a catastrophic accident that occurred as a cargo train traveling the opposite direction took a tricky turn at high speed.” Fans will be excited with a new Legendary Skin coming out for Loba as well.

How excited are you for the Apex Legends 2020 Holo-Day Bash?