A few days ago Apex Legends released Stories from the Outlands: Fight Night. This revealed some major lore for Pathfinder and now a few days after its release, a new event has been announced. Apex Legends announced on Twitter that the Fight Night Collection Event is set to kick off on Jan 5th. A new town takeover, cosmetics, and a new game mode are set to debut for the event.

Kicking off with the Fight Night Collection Event are new cosmetics for legends and weapons. It’s not a collection event without new exclusive event skins. There will be skins you can get from a prize tracker and from opening loot boxes. There will also be a new heirloom which will be for Gibraltar.

Apex Legends Fight Night Collection Event Prize Tracker

Apex Legends Fight Night Prize Tracker

In addition to the new cosmetics, there will be a Town Takeover and a new game mode. The new LTM will be known as Airdrop Escalation where it’s a normal game of Apex but supply drops are increased. Once you launch from the dropship there will already be a bunch of supply drops around the map. The new Pathfinder Town Takeover will be a boxing ring where no weapons or grenades are allowed. The only way to win a fight is by fist fighting. Whether you have a tilly or a donnybrook everything will be settled in the ring.

Apex Legends Fight Night Collection Event - Pathfinder Town Takeover

Apex Legends Pathfinder Town Takeover

So the only question left is are you ready for the Apex Legends Fight Night Collection Event?