Collection Events in Apex Legends is something fans look forward to. The chance to get new exclusive skins for legends and weapons along with the announcement of the latest heirloom. Fans only need to wait a few more days because the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event is up next.

Kicking off on September 14th, the Evolution Collection Event will feature new cosmetics, a town takeover, a new heirloom, and an arenas takeover. There are going to be some very fantastic and colorful skins for both the legends and weapons in this event. Combining some legends with technology gives seven legends some new looks. In addition to the exclusive skins, Rampart will be getting her own heirloom. It is very appropriate that her heirloom will be a massive wrench. There will also be the Prize Tracker that allows you to earn points and gain free cosmetics.

apex legends evolution collection event prize tracker

Apex Legends Evolution – Prize Tracker

The latest town takeover will be on Worlds Edge and is known as Big Maude. Specifically being a Rampart Town Takeover, Big Maude is Rampart’s dream weapon shop. Covered in paint, this shop/paintball area has a Vend-It Machine that will allow teams to trade materials for Custom Paintball Weapons. These weapons are fully kitted, a bit expensive, and come in different tiers.

Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event Rampart Town Takeover - Big Maude

Apex Legends – Big Maude

This spot looks very cool and we cannot wait to drop into Big Maude. Are you ready for the Apex Legends Evolution Collection Event?