Apex Legends has been on a hot streak lately. From the Halloween event, Fight or Fright, to reaching 70 million players worldwide on October 29th. A day after announcing their player milestone, Respawn has announced that Apex Legends will getting a Duos mode. The limited-time mode will start on November 5th. There is no official end to the limited-time Duos mode but assuming like every LTM, it will be for two weeks.

Since the launch of Apex Legends players have been asking to a permanent duos & singles mode. While players were treated with a singles mode a few months back we now get a taste of duos. However all three modes of singles, duos & trios has been something the community has been asking to keep as a mainstay of the game.

It is still great to see Respawn listening to the community and giving us a look at the game in these LTMs. It seems like all the player disconnects this season has trained the community for duos mode. All joking aside grab that one friend you love to queue with for Duos starting November 5th!