Respawn and Apex Legends had its fanbase looking at it during the EA Play Live 2020 Livestream. Rumors of crossplay finally coming to the game had been circulating around since the Livestream announcement. Those rumors can now finally be put to rest as Apex Legends confirms crossplay will be added in the fall.

During the EA Play Live, fans were treated with tons of amazing news for Apex Legends. Not only will the game be adding its latest event known as the Lost Treasures Collection but the game will be making it’s way to Steam in the fall. Something Origin and Valve have been working towards for a while.

It was also announced that Apex Legends will also be available to play on the Nintendo Switch. The release for Apex Legends on the Switch will also be during the fall.

Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Now with the announcements of Apex Legends coming to both Steam and the Nintendo Switch, this is where the news of crossplay gets more exciting. Players from PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, Origin, and the Switch will all be available for crossplay.

How excited are you to finally play with friends who aren’t on the same platform as you?


Apex Legends News: ‘Lost Treasures Collection’ Event Announced