Yes, you read that correctly Apex Legends is extending its Anniversary Event until March. Many players seemed to want an extended period of time to finish their tasks to gain their exclusive rewards. Not to mention some of the winter storms could’ve helped extend the event. Now instead of the event being over players now have to the 2nd of March to finish the collection event.

For the casual player or for those who don’t get the time to grind some of the harder tasks completing events can be difficult. Two of this collection event’s tasks were to do more than 100k damage and complete 75 daily challenges. Some of these tasks if not done every day were surely missed out on however now with the extension there is a higher chance to complete the challenge.

Apex Legends Anniversary Collection Event

Apex Legends Anniversary

Now that the event has been extended there are rumors that this will go straight into the next Apex Legends event. Have you completed all of your tasks for the Apex Legends Anniversary Event?