The newest season of Apex Legends has been more than interesting, to say the least. Many players have voiced their opinions, whether pleasure or displeasure, for the newest season and its additions. While it’s no Kings Canyon we have some Apex tips to gain the advantage in Worlds Edge.


1. Utilizing Crypto’s Abilities

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It’s no secret that Crypto is one of the most interesting champions in the game and in the right hands, his abilities are overpowering when used properly. While his abilities are used more for scouting using his tactical ability to view enemy positions, opening doors & loots bins as well as picking up teammate banners is beyond broken. When placed properly, and if the enemy team isn’t paying attention, you have a permanent view of the enemies positions that is of course if the drone is in range.

If that doesn’t make you want to play Crypto then maybe this will: you also have the ability to slow enemies, damage their shields and mess with their view all at once for a small amount of time. Yes, we are of course talking about Crypto’s ultimate ability, the EMP blast. This feature also still allows you full vision of the enemy while you’re charging the EMP blast.

Did you also know while you are in Crypto’s drone and you look at the champion banners around the map it will tell you how many squads are in range of the drone giving you and your team a great amount of information for pushes and rotates.

Image via Reddit u/4sman


2. Landing/Positioning in Sniper’s Ridge

Image via Respawn Entertainment

If there is one thing we learned so far on Worlds Edge is that this map was made as a sniper’s heaven. There are so many open spaces with plenty of buildings, terrain or towers that allow a sniper to hold a position and snipe down any player that comes into a sniper’s crosshair. Well if your a fan of getting a sniper early in the game and raining lead onto enemy players before they get a chance to full loot up then look no further to Sniper’s Ridge.

This unmarked area on the map is located west of Skyhook and north of Drill site (as shown on the map above circled in red). Here you are guaranteed to find a sniper in the series of loot bins located on the mountain. From there you can start scoping down enemy players who have yet to secure themselves loot off of the landing or if you have decided to position yourself there at any point in the game you have a clear view of teams rotating around you.

There are a few ways to get up onto the ridge. You can drop there off of the ship, use a balloon tower to fly yourself up there or utilize Pathfinder’s zipline to get up there. However, be warned if you were to go there off of the dropship there may not be enough loot for you and your squad.


3. Starting/Stopping the Train

Image via Respawn Entertainment

What is a more demoralizing feeling that being downed by a noob with the Charge Rifle? Getting killed by the moving train on Worlds Edge.

The moving train is one of those drop zones you have to go to on the map if the dropship is positioned right over it. Many teams fight over the loot bins or simply grief right off of the drop if they are positioned correctly but what if by some miracle you and your squad land on the train and have it all to yourselves? Then you change your career as an Apex fighter and become a train conductor.

If you go all the way to the front of the train you will find a panel that allows you to control when the train starts and stops. This could be used for rotating and positioning early in the game or even late in the game depending on the circle. It could also be stopped if you just decide you don’t want the train moving around especially late game when you and your squad are in the middle of a team fight only to be taken out by a third party but this time it was the train and not another enemy team.

you can stop the train! from r/apexlegends

Don’t feel too bad if you are taken out by the train as many pros, streamers and content creators have been taken out by it showing the train doesn’t care how skilled you are at the game. No one matches the train’s skills.


4. Using Caustic’s Abilities in Small Spaces

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Remember simpler times on Kings Canyon when Caustic mains would head straight towards bunker and lay down his traps in every nook and cranny they could? Remember when Singh Labs was added to the map and Caustic would throw his traps in front of the many players that would get stuck trying to exit the portal. Oh, how we miss those days of trying to rotate from the ring-closing only to turn a corner and get stunned by a Caustic trap.

Worlds Edge hasn’t been too friendly to players who love to main the toxic champion. There are very few places where Caustic’s gas traps are useful as most fights tend to take place in open areas. Even most of the buildings have fairly open concepts and you can see what you are running into. Well with a new clip making the rounds of Reddit it seems fans of Caustic are ready to rejoice as “Bunker 2.0” has now been coined for this next area on the map.

Don’t Forget To Wipe from r/apexlegends

Many houses spread across the map have an upstairs area with a bathroom attached to them. While it’s ideal for your entire greedy squad to try and loot the same death box in a tight bathroom it seems this one squad, in particular, couldn’t wait to get their hands on whatever was in those boxes. Fair to say as they entered the tight corner they were surprised with a Caustic trap and to make matters worse Caustic then decided to renovate the bathroom and add a shower with his ultimate.

Now every time you decide to look upstairs be very aware of the perfectly placed death box in the bathroom and the sadistic stares from the Caustic perched on the ceiling waiting to attack anyone who dares loot the death box.


5. Countering Crypto’s EMP Blast

Image via Respawn Entertainment

It is only apropos that we start the article with Crypto and end the article with Crypto. As amazing as this champion is players who do not like playing against Crypto and his abilities know how much of a nuisance he can be. Most players at the moment who use Crypto and his drone don’t always have teammates who necessarily push as the drone releases it’s EMP blast. This can come in handy knowing that Crypto is in his drone and you’ll be at least safe for a small amount of time before he exits his drone to push.

As you can see in this clip the player drops his armor as the EMP blast is about to go off only being slowed by the blast. As he picks up his body armor again it’s at max shield and has taken no damage from the EMP blast. While this is smart it is also a very risky play.


These are just some small things you can use and add to your arsenal for the next time you decide to jump on and play Apex Legends. Let us know which one was your favorite and maybe other secrets to the map you think we need to talk about.