About Top10Esports


Welcome to TOP 10 Esports – what we hope will become your main go-to place for the latest esports news, content and rankings. TOP10 is founded, funded and managed by owner Peter Kristoffersson alongside his founding team Tom Smith, Bhavik Patel, Natali Ljunggren and Usman Mustafa. TOP10 is to a large extent a community directed project.


TOP10 has currently 3 main goals:

  • to create valuable content for the esports community
  • to promote the esports industry as a whole
  • to help aspiring future esports professionals get a foot in the game


How it all started and our vision

The idea of ‘TOP10Esports’ was born in mid 2015. At the time (and to a degree even today) there was not one single platform where you could find all the key information, news and rankings about all the popular esports titles. To access this you had to visit at least 3 or 4 different websites. At the same time, while talking to esports enthusiasts, it became clear that most of them did not know how to turn their passion into a living. An idea was born – what if we could create a single place for all esports content (for the top games) and help young talent become known within the community. The project had its initial start in 2017 but unfortunately never completed. In late 2018, a decision was made to revisit the project and execute regardless of the difficulties.


Next steps

As mentioned above, TOP10 Esports is and will continue to be somewhat of a community driven project. That does not mean that all decisions will be made by the community. The core team (amongst others also including selected community enthusiasts) will be making all the final decisions but will be listening to the community. As we grow so will the possibilities for enthusiasts to get involved. We are hoping that eventually, anyone that would like to start a non-gaming career in esports will seek us first. We are currently looking for all types of volunteers including content creators (written and video), editors, ranking experts, event experts, stats commentators, backend and front-end developers, designers etc. If you are interested and would like to get involved please give us a shout – we cannot guarantee any remuneration but we guarantee a fun, mutually beneficial relationship.


How do we afford this

Until now, the entirety of the project was bootstrapped internally which did put some strain on the economy. Unfortunately, the TOP10 platform startup and maintenance costs (servers, bandwidth, developers, time of involved people, marketing) are so high that the site must be run as a business and will need to continue being run as such.  This means donations, ads, sponsored post and links that will be required to generate an income for us. Please do check out our ads and consider them when making your next online purchase – it will help us to maintain high content standards and ensure that content will be free to access. The only thing we potentially foresee requiring paid membership is some specific premium content like live streaming of top competitions (if that ever becomes a paid service for us).


I hope you enjoy TOP10 esports, and our continued efforts to build a platform the esports community deserve.


Peter Kristoffersson

The enthusiast behind