League Of Legends Regional Finals

Tune in to the LEC broadcast on the 8th to watch Schalke and Fnatic face off in one of the most interesting Bo5’s of the year. G2 is already set for worlds, but Schalke and Fnatic have to win their game to secure a spot. The winner of the summer playoffs is rewarded with the region’s 1st seed to worlds. The four teams who have secured the most amount of Championship points will compete for the last two worlds seeds in the gauntlet.

Speaking of gauntlets, you can look forward to a lot of Bo5’s this month as the LCK, LCS and LPL gauntlets are approaching. However, LPL still have their finals on the 6th. The LMS’ regional finals are also coming up, although they use a different formula. Read more about the LMS schedule here.

DreamHack Montreal

DreamHack Montreal will feature many great tournaments. See some of the best players and teams in the world face off against each other during this two day long event.

The Esports featured in DreamHack are:

Beyond the Summit Mainstage

Beyond The Summit are hosting their first ever Super Smash Bros major in Southern California. Watch pros compete for tens of thousands of dollars at Mainstage. The major starts on the 20th and will feature both SSB: Melee and Ultimate!

(Courtesy: Beyond The Summit)

Overwatch League Playoffs

The Overwatch League Playoffs start this Thursday! The Vancouver Titans are clear favorites to winning the entire thing since they only dropped three games during the regular season.

(Courtesy: Overwatch League Twitter)

Maybe the underdogs Seoul Dynasty can challenge them in the first round. They crushed their way through play ins, whilst the other team that made it through play ins, London Spitfire, barely scraped through after beating the Shanghai Dragons 4-3.

CSGO Majors!

CSGO Esports fans are spoiled with treasures to watch. The main event of the month, StarLadder Major Berlin, is still up and going. You can also look forward to a bunch of other tournaments such as the Blast Pro Series (Russia), the Arctic Invitational (Finland), Games Clash Masters (Poland), V4 Future Sports Festival(Hungary) and ESL One New York. All of these tournaments have major teams competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars.