Apex Legends has been highly played and talked about game since its release. It introduced game mechanics that sparked a higher interest in the battle royale genre. The developers of the game, who previously worked on the Titanfall series, expanded that universe with Apex Legends. They are a small team but have big dreams in mind for their game. While plenty praises the game for being different from other battle royales not everyone feels the same. Many as of late have been calling for major changes to the game. Here are 5 changes Respawn could make to Apex Legends.

Revenant Launch Trailer

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1. Legend Changes

Plenty of changes as of late have gone into the legends of the Apex Games. Whether it’s changing Wraith’s phasing abilities or Gibraltar’s tanky kit a lot has changed for popular legends. While most of the legends have great kits that assist teams some can’t help but wonder why Octane is even in the games. Yes he can run fast and he jumps far but that is about it. A well-needed change to his ultimate could make him more useful in team fights. Keeping the idea that he still uses his jump pad it could be made to give teammates extra speed for a certain time. Perhaps even allow them to gain a bit of health or shield regen once they are launched. This would be useful in escaping multiple party fights or getting out of a quick closing ring.

On the topic of ultimate changes, Lifeline’s ultimate could be tweaked a bit. Lifeline is a great character in the game and her care package early game is great. However, once your team is geared her care package drop less useful and more of a position giveaway. During the late game, some allies may need a specific item and what if her care package dropped items that teammates may need?

Talks of upcoming legend changes seem to be in the works for all classes in Apex Legends. Maybe these can be taken into consideration.

2. Weapon Changes

When you think of weapon changes what are the first few things that come to mind? Bring back disruptor rounds! No, well maybe. Adding snipers to their own weapon class along with their own ammo was a great idea. The most recent damage buff to the Sentinel was well needed as well to make it stand apart from other snipers.

The one weapon that needs a bit of work is the Mozambique of course. Yes getting it off of the dropship and using it against someone without armor is good. Even using Hammerpoint isn’t too bad on it but the weapon itself could do more. The gun could add 2 or 3 more rounds in it to make it more effective and even buff the base damage. A new hop-up could also be introduced to the gun to make it more interesting. Also removing Hammerpoint Rounds as a hop-up completely would benefit for another change in the game.

A few other changes could also include changing recoil patterns and iron sights of some weapons. While recoil isn’t a big part of the Apex Games some claim it to be overpowering and slightly unrealistic. Understandably Apex Legends is built around movement and so are the weapons. Iron sights are also another small but highly debated topic. Some of the best weapons in the game have good standard iron sights like the Flatline, R-301, and Triple Take for example. However, some weapons like the Hemlock and Spitfire are in need of much less busy iron sights.

3. New Modes & Maps

Solos and Duos Mode is something players have been asking for since the launch of the game. While we have had the modes as part of LTMs adding it permanently to the game would be great. Even allowing those modes to queue along with squads would be thrilling for players who like to go in alone or with a friend.

Speaking of LTMs maybe adding in a weekly or biweekly LTM wouldn’t be so bad either. Allowing a rotating game mode to take your mind off casual or ranked play would be a bit refreshing in the game.

As for the maps. Keeping one map is great for competitive play and allows you to work on your tactics and rotations. Although not everyone is a fan of playing the same map over and over. Respawn had the idea of adding a ranked split and bringing back both versions of Kings Canyon this season which was awesome. What if we had a map pool? We could choose which maps we want to queue for and maybe even add in a small all out map for smaller queues.

Ranked Split Maps: Worlds Edge and Kings Canyon

Image Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

4. New In-Game Features

When you look at other popular competitive games there are a few in-game features that are included. Two of the biggest features are game replay and a reconnect feature. Most games have the ability to save your gameplay up to a certain extent. With that comes plenty of options to use that gameplay for a number of reasons. Whether its for content creation or for submitting a clip to the devs for bug reports, a cheater in-game or a pesky teammate. Not everyone can run recording software while gaming so adding in a replay option is a must-have in Apex Legends.

A reconnect feature is also hands down a must-have in Apex Legends. How many times have you been in the top 5 only for your game to crash or lose connection to the server? It has happened to almost everyone. Plenty of games have a timer set that allows you to reconnect before being punished but Apex has yet to include the feature.

5. Reworking Early Game

When we talk about early game we mean the moment you jump from drop ship to the moment you land on the ground. While jumping off the ship and searching for gear is a standard of the battle royale genre Warzone has changed that. The idea that you launch with a set amount of armor and a pistol would make for a great change.

Not only would removing white shields from Apex’s ground loot but adding them as a starting item will change the feel of the game. Also allowing the removal of the Hammerpoint hop-up and spawning with a pistol along with white armor could increase the feel of the game. This would also mean you would limit which pistols you spawn with and could either be the P2020 or Mozambique.

Removing common shields from the loot pool would also maximize the efficiency of the Evo shields as well.


There are of course only suggestions and not actual changes Respawn will be making to the game. However, Respawn does take all feedback and do what they can to implement certain things into Apex Legends. To see what they are working on currently or in the future you can follow their Trello board. What changes would you make or like to see in Apex Legends?


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