Many of us remember Navi era fondly, and right now they are in better shape than what we’ve seen in years. While Liquid keeps on being one of the top dogs, can Navi topple them and crown themselves champions? this is the 2020 ESL ONE GERMANY Final: Liquid vs Navi.

Game one

2020 ESL ONE Germany Final: Navi vs Liquid – Game 1

Each team gets two bounties at the beginning. Slardar and IO start pulling the Radiant creeps at bottom and putting a lot of pressure onto Batrider, eventually killing him for the first blood.

First Chronosphere comes in around minute 8, with an easy kill onto Phoenix in top-lane.

Two minutes later, Batrider tries to steal a stacked camp from Slardar, but Venomancer rotates and kills him, again.

Navi takes the First tier-one tower on minute 11 at top, despite it costing two lives. Shortly after they try to force a fight onto the Slardar top and end up losing 3 without being able to kill him.

Liquid takes the tier-one mid at 16 minutes after the Slardar keeps murdering Navi. The score is 11-1 and 6k lead for the Dire side.

Slardar finally dies after a great lasso from Batrider. However, the first Rishan falls to Liquid right after their carry respawns, and gets two more kills.

4 minutes later, Liquid has taken both outposts, both outer towers bottom, and Faceless void starts getting his items.

Around minute 25, Navi tries to initiate onto the Faceless void but they only manage to kill his IO, only to move mid see Slardar kill 4 of them. 14k gold lead and 25-5.

Liquid gets the second Roshan at minute 29, and a minute later GG is called after Navi loses 3 heroes on their middle barracks.

Boxis’ Slardar is scary.

Game Two

2020 ESL ONE Germany Final: Navi vs Liquid – Game 2


Liquid gets first blood onto the Vengeful Spirit 40 seconds before the first bounties.

Two minutes later, Phoenix falls on the river, and seconds later, Beast Master. 3-0 early lead for Liquid

11 minutes in and the score keeps on increasing in favour of liquid. 3k gold lead.

Navi is able to trade the tier-one bottom for the one top, but Liquids team fight keeps on coming on top, now getting the tier one mid.

M’ickes’ Sven is level 20 at minute 20.

Three minutes later, Navi trades all 5 for only the Oracle, Liquid takes Roshan and go back to farm.

Minute 26 Navi is able to defend their tier-3 tower bottom, but having to buy back two of their heroes.

The second time Liquid tries to take the same barracks, they do so successfully and push forward even taking one tier-4 tower.

Minute 30 4 of Navi die under the tier-3 top and GG comes up. Insanias’ early aggression was the perfect set up for the Sven to go crazy.

Game Three

2020 ESL ONE Germany Final: Navi vs Liquid – Game 3

First blood goes to Liquid but is quickly traded, Phoenix for Rubick.

Another trade happens bottom, this time the Natures’ Prophet for the Death Prophet.

Seconds later, Both Spectre and IO die and Navi pulls up a little ahead for the first time in this grand final.

General keeps being aggressive and increasing the lead, 3k gold for Navi.

Lifestealer is up to a great start, claiming the enemy mid tier-one tower at 7 minutes in, and the tier-one top seconds later.

Natures’ Prophet keeps on dying though.

Minute 12, Static storm, arena combo gets the Death Prophet and IO killed, Navi now has taken all outer towers from Liquid. Score is 12-5.

There is hope

General gets his blink dagger at minute 14. First pounce victim is Rubick, IO tries to help and also falls.

Minute 17, Rubick and Batrider get caught out of position and Navis’ gold lead increases to 6k.

Three for three, but two buybacks are forced from Liquid at minute 23, despite losing the Spectre, they are able to finally kill the Lifestealer.

First Roshan goes to Navi anyway, and they keep on taking towers.Now only one outer tower at bottom stands for Liquid.

Minute 27, Liquid leaps onto Mars and is able to kill him, but all of Navi comes around and get a much bigger fish, in the shape of Spectre for themselves. 9k gold lead for Navi.

Minute 30, both teams smoked, and after a very long fight on Dires bounty rune, Liquid ends 2 buybacks spent and in the end a 4 for 5 in favour of Navi.

Second Roshan goes to Navi, again. However, very bad positioning gets the Aegis spent and the Disruptor dead. Navi is able to recuperate after the Disruptor buys back and kills 3 of liquids’ heroes. Navi takes the middle and tops barracks. Batrider buys back and laces the Lifestealer to death. Still a lead of 21k gold for the Radiant.

Liquid loses three but keeps on chasing until finally, the Lifestealer falls again, Now the disruptor and Mars fall soon after, Liquid wins the fight, but Natures’ Prophet split pushes to take the last racks and secures Megacreeps for Navi. 42 minutes in, 23k gold lead.

Third Roshan, you know it, falls to Navi, Phoenix gets the refresher shard and right outside they find a Double Damage rune, Nai smokes and walks in to kill 3 and the remaining two in their fountain, to find the GGs up in the chat.

Game Four

2020 ESL ONE Germany Final: Navi vs Liquid – Game 4

First blood goes to Liquid 30s before the Bounties.

3 minutes later, Grimstroke and Juggernaught get their second kill onto the disruptor. And a minute later, Earthspirit is able to kill Tiny. 3-0 lead for Liquid.

Three minutes later, three more kills for Liquid. The Anti-mage keeps on free farming.

11 minutes in, Navi is able to get the Legion Commander. Liquids’ lead is only 1k gold.

Juggernaut completes his battle-axe before the Anti-mage.

Navi wins an important fight against the Legion and Grimstroke, closing the lead a little bit at 15 minutes. The score is 6-9

Both teams trade tier-one towers at top/bottom, and Lead increases at 5k gold, however, Anti-mage is free-roaming at minute 20.

Navi jumps into the Storm Spirit and they pop him, Anti-mage gets three, 4 in total fall from Liquid, Roshan falls to Navi, what a fight for the Radiant.

Minute 24, 4, fall for Navi, two buyback, Three fall from Liquid, but they are happy and back away. Gold lead swings up to 8k despite last flight, and both outer towers bottom are gone for Navi.

Legion has won a good amount of duels, the score is 18-14, and the Juggernaut has a 2k gold lead over the Anti-mage.

Boxi gets the Anti-mage on a duel and immediately 4 members of Navi die. What a huge blow to the radiants hopes. Liquid takes the middle racks and then get three more, They move onto the bottom racks and Liquid is looking to close this Finals. 32 minutes inn, 22k gold lead. 5 level difference between the Juggernaut and the Anti-mage. Only a miracle could save Navi.

Another Duel onto Anti-mage and Liquid wipes Navi, GG is called and they are your ESL ONE Germany champions!



Don’t give Anti-mage to your carry. No matter how hard he asks for it. All jokes aside, the only success Navi achieved was when they started the aggression,  Generals’ Mars was the perfect example, but the other three games they completely relied on their laning phases, and Liquid was dictating the tempo minute to minute. It was nice to see Navi doing well again, but Liquid was miles ahead of them, especially mentally.


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